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Our classes are held from May to October. We cook outside in beautiful nature near to Mníšek pod Brdy. The campsite sits on a meadow in between two brooks. Horses and cattle graze around. A nearby pond offers refreshment on hot summer days. We will go through some basics explaining the course and then we can get to work!


*Prices are listed in detail of each course.

list of courses 2019

steaks I.

"It would not be Fuego if there was no meat class, right? We made sure that every single one of you will be able to get to know and taste the best beef picanha, also known as sirloin cap, right from Argentina. It tastes amazing when roasted on a cast-iron griddle, alongside shiitake mushrooms and butter. Can it get any better? And that’s just a fraction of our meat class! You’ll learn how to make chopped veal tartar with charred tomatoes or our signature beef hanger steak tossed directly into a hearth of hot coals and even our dessert of

slow-roasted pineapples." 

steaks II. & salsas

"Set off with us for an imaginary journey through Latin America. You will get a chance to taste and compare three completely different parts of beef. Each accompanied by salsa from a different country. A flank steak will be served with spicy Mexican salsa roja. We will grill hanger steak gaucho style in hot coals and serve it with chimichurri salsa from Uruguay. And sirloin cap, or as Brazilians call it picanha, will come with Argentinian salsa criolla. Everything topped off with our variation of a dessert of charred oranges by the famous Argentinean chef Francis Mallmann. Are you packed yet?"

la fiesta

“La Fiesta in Spanish means a celebration or a feast. And at this course, we will prepare ourselves such a feast. Thanks to the fact that this course is not focused on one ingredient, you’ll be able to taste a bit of everything. Or rather a lot of everything. Your taste buds will be awakened by a novelty on the menu – carpaccio of roasted beef sirloin. Followed by a pot of fresh mussels in white wine. An aged T-bone steak will be grilled right in hot coals and served with our famous chimichurri salsa. Vegetables will be also featured in the form of roasted radish salad with thyme and balsamico. And there is no feast without our charred fruits dessert.” 

taste the fuego

“Whether you have trouble picking a class focused on specific ingredients or you just want to try everything at once and in copious amounts, Taste the Fuego is the right class for you. The menu is a thematic selection from all previous classes, featuring original preparations and a little something extra. Simply put, you won’t experience the same octopus or steak twice. We will prepare a Czech version of carpaccio from fresh trout. We will grill a fantastic Picanha, also known as rump steak, in hot coals and take a look at the unique way of roasting a duck breast so its meat is pink and juicy and the skin deliciously crispy. And you won't be short of dessert. Taste the Fuego is, in a sense, a degustation that we have to prepare together.”


“To sit at the edge of a brook and slurp freshly opened mussels or peel the shells off fist-sized prawns might sound like a crazy idea, but only in the best sense of the term! During the entire course, you’ll be enjoying the best, that seafood has to offer. From the already mentioned mussels and prawns to a thick and hearty soup, to a fantastic taco with octopus slowly cooked in a cast-iron pot.” 


“This course was inspired by you! We were told countless times that the only thing missing is a course exclusively dedicated to fish. So here it is. You’ll get to try Tiradito, a lesser known Peruvian preparation of fish, an alternative to Ceviche. We’ll take a look at how to prepare a fresh trout in a cast-iron pan, while next to it we’ll bake bread right in the hot coals. We’ll be using coals to a great extent for smoking eggplant and grilling sturgeon from a local hatchery.”

everything you need to know


  • Wine and other drinks will be provided.


  • To maintain an aura of mystery and the privacy of our guests and hosts, the exact location of Fuego will remain secret until your payment.


  • The drive from the centre of Prague to the camp takes 25 minutes. You can also take a bus that departs every 30 minutes from the stop “Na Knížecí” or “Smíchovské nádraží”. Then it’s a pleasant 20-minute walk from the stop.


  • Each course starts at 4 p.m. and the end - well that remains to be seen. Everybody is welcome to spend the night in a luxurious A-shaped Nordisk tent with an inner cabin.

  • If you decide to spend the night, please let us know in reservation and don’t forget to bring a sleeping bag. Since all our tents feature a 70 cm wide, self-inflatable Nordisk mattress with an integrated pillow, you can leave your sleeping mats at home.


  • Not feeling like going home hungry in the morning? We are happy to serve you a camper breakfast for 500 czk per person. Whether you have breakfast with us or not, we have to say goodbye to our guests the latest at 9:30 in the morning.


  • Whoever wants to leave, once the cooking class is over or at any other time is free to do so. You can also call an Uber for around 500 czk or take the very same buses that go till midnight.


  • The main tent is our feasting hall. It is 40 m² big and it is made from a  breathable fabric resistant against the rain and heat.


  • The location is a paradise. You can go skinny dipping in the lake nearby (2minute walk). So don’t forget your swimsuit and a life vest.


  • There are a water source and 2 chemical toilets at our disposal.


  • By paying, you agree to our terms and conditions.

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