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Our classes are held from May to October. We cook outside in beautiful nature near to Mníšek pod Brdy. The campsite sits on a meadow in between two brooks. Horses and cattle graze around. A nearby pond offers refreshment on hot summer days. We will go through some basics explaining the class and then we can get to work!

everything you need to know


  • Wine and refreshments will be provided.


  • To maintain an aura of mystery and the privacy of our guests and hosts, the exact location of Fuego will remain secret your reservation is confirmed and your payment is received. All the details will be revealed to you via email on Monday of the week of your class. 


  • The drive from the centre of Prague to the camp takes 25 minutes. You can also take a bus that departs every 30 minutes from the stop “Na Knížecí” or “Smíchovské nádraží”. Then it’s a pleasant 20-minute walk from the stop.


  • Each class starts at 4 p.m. and the end - well that remains to be seen. Everybody is welcome to spend the night in a luxurious A-shaped Nordisk tent with an inner cabin.

  • If you decide to spend the night, please indicate so in a booking form and don’t forget to bring a sleeping bag. Since all our tents feature a 70 cm wide, self-inflatable Nordisk mattress with an integrated pillow, you can leave your sleeping mats at home.


  • Whoever wants to leave, once the cooking class is over or at any other time is free to do so. You can also call an Uber for around 500 czk or take the very same buses that go till midnight. We have to say goodbye to our guests the latest at 9:30 in the morning.


  • The location is a paradise. You can go skinny dipping in the lake nearby (2minute walk). So don’t forget your swimsuit and a life vest.


  • There is a water source and a chemical toilet at your disposal.


  • By paying, you agree to our terms and conditions.

list of classes 2020

The Meateaters

Even in the world of vegans, there has to be a place for you – the meateaters. This class is your shelter. Here you're safe from verbal or any other kind of offence. You'll find yourself among your people. We will be eating all kinds of meat: raw, roasted, lean, fat and hung above the fire.


Hand-chopped beef tartar with smoked pepper mayo and crispy chorizo


Marrow and parsley salad with shallots


Picanha on a cast iron pan

Roasted radish salad with thyme and balsamico


Quail hung above the fire, stuffed with lemon and thyme

Potatoes in ash with butter and chives


Crispy skin duck breasts

Salad of roasted peppers with mint

3 990 czk

Taste the Fuego

Your favourite class completely reimagined. What stays is the variety of dishes - you'll get to taste everything from amazing tuna, fire-kissed salad, poultry, beef steak, seafood to a fantastic and easy-to-make desert. If you're having a hard time picking the right class, this one is for you!


Churrasco of tuna in lemon crust, grapefruit aioli, avocado and charred bread 


Crispy fried buttermilk chicken


Charred Caesar salad


Rib-eye steak, tiger prawn and salsa Criolla 


Charred seasonal fruits with sour cream and cookies

4 390 czk

The Fuego Story

As the name suggests, every dish in this original class has its own story. Either related to the Fuego or to the dish itself. Our inspiration came not only from two years of camping and cooking in a Czech wilderness, but also from memorable guests whom we've welcomed at our camp, as well as from food festivals that we've visited with our project.


You can expect unique dishes sophisticated in every detail, that you won't find anywhere else. Because there is only one Fuego.


If oyster was a drunk vegetarian 


Bulleit Gump Shrimp Co.

Forrest squirrel


Crying lamb


Chocolate and water 

4 890 czk

Mystery Fuego

It might be a class, or a served dinner. We might invite you to our camp or take you on a trip to some other special place.


In any case, an event full of surprises awaits you. Yet, one thing is for sure, you'll be fed and entertained.


5-6 courses revealed at the event.


Anything from steaks to fish and seafood will be served. But always the freshest inspiration from the market.

3 990 czk

Give the Fuego experience

Vouchers are issued for a value, not for specific classes. Donees then pick the class and date that they fancy the most. Please, provide following information when ordering a voucher:

  • The sum that you want to give. It is ideal to chose a sum equal to the price of one of the classes but it can be lower and the donee will pay the difference upon a reservation.

  • The name of the donee so we can write it on the voucher.

  • And a shipping method. Electronic print at home, or via mail (don't forget to include your address, postage 100 czk).

* The voucher is only valid for the season indicated by the first four numerals of voucher's code. Unclaimed vouchers as well as unused value in case of a reservation of a cheaper class forfeit without compensation.

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