taste the fuego

“Whether you have trouble picking a class focused on specific ingredients or you just want to try everything at once and in copious amounts, Taste the Fuego is the right class for you. The menu is a thematic selection from all previous classes, featuring original preparations and a little something extra. Simply put, you won’t experience the same octopus or steak twice. We will prepare a Czech version of carpaccio from fresh trout. We will grill a fantastic Picanha, also known as rump steak, in hot coals and take a look at the unique way of roasting a duck breast so its meat is pink and juicy and the skin deliciously crispy. And you won't be short of dessert. Taste the Fuego is, in a sense, a degustation that we have to prepare together.”


Trout carpaccio with parsley oil


Picanha beef grilled in hot coals with chimichurri


Slow roasted duck breast on a cast-iron pan

Charred peppers with mint


Octopus from a cauldron

Smoked eggplant caviar with Taggiasca olives and pomegranate


Slow-roasted pineapple with passion fruit and pomegranate


4 390 czk

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