steaks II. & salsas

"Set off with us for an imaginary journey through Latin America. You will get a chance to taste and compare three completely different parts of beef. Each accompanied by salsa from a different country. A flank steak will be served with spicy Mexican salsa roja. We will grill hanger steak gaucho style in hot coals and serve it with chimichurri salsa from Uruguay. And sirloin cap, or as Brazilians call it picanha, will come with Argentinian salsa criolla. Everything topped off with our variation of a dessert of charred oranges by the famous Argentinean chef Francis Mallmann. Are you packed yet?"


Flank steak on a grill and salsa roja with cilantro


Hanger steak on hot coals and chimichurri slasa


Beef picanha and salsa criolla


Homemade flat bread baked on hot coals, garlic butter


Charred oranges with rosemary and Žufánek slivovitz sauce


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