steaks I.

"It would not be Fuego if there was no meat class, right? We made sure that every single one of you will be able to get to know and taste the best beef picanha, also known as sirloin cap, right from Argentina. It tastes amazing when roasted on a cast-iron griddle, alongside shiitake mushrooms and butter. Can it get any better? And that’s just a fraction of our meat class! You’ll learn how to make chopped veal tartar with charred tomatoes or our signature beef hanger steak tossed directly into a hearth of hot coals and even our dessert of

slow-roasted pineapple." 


Hand-chopped beef tartar with pickles, chives and charred tomatoes on a charred bread


Argentinian picanha steak


Shiitake mushrooms roasted in fat and butter


Hanger steak grilled in hot coals with chimichurri and potato in ash


Slow-roasted pineapple with passion fruit and pomegranate


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