Until only recently, Ivan was working as a Creative Director at an advertising agency. This was one of his two dream careers. The other one has always been gastronomy. Because if there is anything that Ivan likes more than the food itself, it is its preparation. However, advertising won over the kitchen. After 7 years spent in offices of Prague’s advertising agencies, Ivan’sbody has more and more often been giving him signals that all the stress and hassle are doing him no good. 


When he saw Chef’s Table S1E3 dedicated to Francis Mallmann on Netflix in 2015 for the first time, he was totally blown away by his life philosophy of freedom and outdoor cooking over an open fire. When Marek Pavala founded an outdoor cooking school in 2018, everything was decided.


Before Ivan even made time to attend a class, Marek opened an internship at the school. And Ivan became his very first intern. He was chopping wood, building tents, washing dishes, taking care of the fire and guests alike. It was soon clear that this will be more than just a weekend thing. Nine months later, in February 2019, Ivan bid his final farewell to the advertising world and joined Marek as his business partner.


When it comes to his cooking experience, Ivan is a self-taught cook. He enjoys experimenting, he cooks what he likes. And the saddest thing in his opinion is an overcooked fish. He’s travelled through Asia and the Americas where he has camped in great National parks.

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