about us 

Fire is the most powerful element. It creates warmth, lights our way and it gives us hope. It can burn us and bond us. Above all, it provides the possibility to cook our meals. We are the only species which cooks and that's what makes us human. 


Mankind has built entire civilizations around fire, but often that’s the very thing we want to run away from. Sometimes it’s too much, it’s too overwhelming. Project Fuego has been created to help exactly with that – to forget about city life for a bit and go back to the roots. To set your mind right. And is there a better way to do it than in beautiful nature, by the fire and with lots of amazing food? 


Fuego is a wild cooking school. Nature is our kitchen. We don’t need professional ovens or induction stoves. We cook over an open fire, do the prep work with the blue sky above our heads and feast in a yurt tent with Persian rugs and furs on the floor.


The visual aspects are as important as the character of the food we cook - everything is perfect yet wild.



obchodní podmínky