"This course was inspired by you! We were told countless times that the only thing missing is a course exclusively dedicated to fish. So here it is. You’ll get to try Tiradito, a lesser known Peruvian preparation of fish, an alternative to Ceviche. We’ll take a look at how to prepare a fresh trout in a cast-iron pan, while next to it we’ll bake bread right on hot coals. We’ll be using coals a lot, for instance, to smoke eggplant and grill sturgeon from a local hatchery."


Seabream Tiradito


Cast-iron grilled trout on with garlic and thyme


Homemade bread baked on hot coals, parsley pesto and pickled onions


Sturgeon or catfish grilled over an open fire


Smoked eggplant caviar with pomegranate


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