la fiesta

"La Fiesta in Spanish means a celebration or a feast. And at this course, we will prepare ourselves such a feast. Thanks to the fact that this course is not focused on one ingredient, you’ll be able to taste a bit of everything. Or rather a lot of everything. Your taste buds will be awakened by a novelty on the menu – carpaccio of roasted beef sirloin. Followed by a pot of fresh mussels in white wine. An aged T-bone steak will be grilled right in hot coals and served with our famous chimichurri salsa. Vegetables will be also featured in the form of roasted radish salad with thyme and balsamico. And there is no feast without our charred fruits dessert."


Carpaccio of roasted beef sirloin with charred tomatoes and lemon zest


Mussels in white wine cooked in a cast-iron pot


Aged T-bone steak grilled in hot coals with chimichurri salsa


Roasted radish salad with thyme and balsamico


Charred seasonal fruits with sour cream and cookies


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